Becoming an anti-racist organisation

At PSS we’re against racism of all kinds. Not only will we never tolerate any kind of individual racism where we work, but we’re doing all we can to make a stand against systemic racism, too, starting with how we do things at PSS. We’re working hard to become an anti-racist organisation.

We want to be better

We’re doing everything we can to be as inclusive as we can – to look at power and privilege within our organisation. We’re serious about taking a long, hard look at PSS at every level, looking at how we recruit people, how we support people, how we educate our staff and how we can raise the voices of the people we support and our team members as they have important conversations about racism and celebrate diversity. We want to help all of our staff understand what White privilege means and have the space and time to take a step back and think about how racism has affected all of our lives, no-matter what our ethnicity is.

How we’re supporting our team to become anti-racist

Being anti-racist is a choice you can make in your life to help make the world a better, more inclusive place. It’s about doing things, however small or large, to actively speak out against racism in the world.

When you apply for a role with us, we’ll be asking you to agree to join us in being anti-racist in every way we can – to listen and to understand as best you can. We’re going to help you recognise how racism impacts our lives, show you some of the ways you can be anti-racist in your life, and help you to see how you can play a part in changing things for the better.

We’ve got lots of learning and development opportunities to help us be better – and we’re constantly updating and tweaking them to suit our changing world. After all, just being ‘not racist’ isn’t enough to make the world a better place – we need to rise against it together to make a change.

Resources for our team

We’ve created some of our own resources to help our team learn more about racism and how they can become anti-racist. We’ve also put together a list of some of the articles, books, podcasts, films and social media accounts that have helped us to learn about racism, power and privilege. This list covers just some of the many brilliant resources out there to help you learn and be better – we encourage you to explore the topic and, importantly, your own thoughts about racism.

PSS guide to being anti-racist

We’ve produced a PSS guide to being anti-racist for our staff which explains some small steps you can take to start your anti-racism journey at PSS.  Give it a read and ask questions if you have any.

This guide has been produced by PSS people who have been listening, learning and growing on their own anti-racism journeys. If you read our guide and think it could be improved or feel we’re not hitting the mark, please drop us a line – we want to keep doing better:



  • ‘White fragility – Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism’ – Robin Deangelo
  • ‘How To Be An Anti-racist’ – Ibram X. Kendi
  • ‘This Book Is Anti-racist’ – Tiffany Jewell and Aurelia Durund
  • ‘So You Want To Talk About Race’ – Ijeoma Oluo
  • ‘The Bluest Eye’ – Toni Morrison


Podcasts and poems

Social media:

Resources about anti-racism:

Reni Eddo Lodge, author of ‘Why I’m No Longer Taking To White People About Race’:

Yomi Adegoke, author of Slay In Your Lane, podcaster, writer:

Kelechi Ogafor, podcaster at Say Your Mind, actor:

Afua Hirch, journalist, author of Brit(ish):

Candice Brathwaite, author, journalist, presenter:

Layla F Saad, author of ‘Me And White Supremacy’: