Becky Bloor Steen, Head of Services for Wales

When did you join PSS and what was your original role?

I joined PSS as an Adult Placement Project Manager in July 2011.

Give us a brief overview of your education and training before and since you’ve been at PSS

I have 2 A-levels in Law and Psychology, Diploma in Welfare Studies, Degree in Deaf Studies and an NVQ in Management. Since joining PSS I have undertaken many management development programs to gain Coaching qualifications and I have almost completed the Mindfulness Train the Trainer course.

What is your role now?

Since July 2013 I am Head of Service for Wales, overseeing our Strengthening Families, Creating Homes and Empowering Communities portfolios.

How has your role changed/developed since you’ve been at PSS?

Significantly! I have seen and been a part of many changes both internally and externally in my 3 years at PSS. Many ups and downs but we still keep moving forward, developing, innovating and most importantly making a difference to peoples lives!

What has made you stay?

Belief in what we do, passion, determination, motivation and values! I can see the bigger picture and I am excited to play a part in achieving it. Remembering why I do the job and what the ultimate vision and mission is helps me to stay grounded and focused and keeps me driving forward.

Do you feel you’ve been supported in your personal development? How?

Yes of course, there is support from all angles not just from above. PSS people have a wealth of knowledge and experience and different skills, all of which you can tap into and learn from if you are not afraid to ask.

What are your plans/ambitions for the future?

My aim is to grow and develop the services in Wales in line with the wonderful services we offer across the UK. I want PSS to be making a real difference to the lives of an awful lot more people in Wales.

Do you have anything else to add about your career journey so far at PSS?

Challenging and hard-work but damn right rewarding!!