Our History

In 2019 our organisation will celebrate its 100th birthday, but even as the years mount up one thing’s for sure, we’re not slowing with age.

As an organisation we developed some of the best known names in community support including Age Concern, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Legal Aid. Today our team is continuing our legacy of innovation. We sit alongside Local Government and NHS services plugging the gaps and providing ‘on the ground’ support for a wide array of people. Our aim is simple and has been at the heart of what we do for a long time: to make the lives of those we work with better. In the 21st century we have evolved this mission to highlight the importance of encouraging people to choose their own support ‘We recognise when people are in need and help them find new and practical ways to get the most out of life’. To make this a reality we provide a range of services which work across a wide spectrum of personal experience and need. This is no mean feat, our work reaches far and wide but across the organisation we give our time, push our innovation, plan our resources and recruit our teams to ensure our experience and our dedication is shaped around the individuals we support.

As our track record should tell you; we never give up on finding the right service for each individual we work with. If we don’t have a service currently to meet their needs, we develop one and that is why we’ve been around for nearly 100 years… because we don’t wait for someone else to find the solutions, we create them.