Nominate a PSS hero

Every year at PSS we recognise our most super-duper staff with our Big Awards and a chance to say thanks to those stand-out people who’ve gone above and beyond for the people we support. If this year’s proven anything, it’s that our people are the best. Anyone working in social care, supporting people day in, day out – even when there’s a global pandemic – are some of the most dedicated, big-hearted and highly-skilled people you could ever meet.   

They’ve made big sacrifices to do what’s right. This year’s proven what we knew all along – that not all heroes wear capes. 

We’re giving you – the people we support, carers and supporters – the chance to nominate a hero! If a member of PSS staff has amazed you this year, now’s your chance to give them a big virtual hug and pat on the back by nominating them for our prestigious Pride of PSS Award. This is for a member of staff who’s demonstrated all our values and been genuine, big-hearted, open minded, determined and professional in 2020.  

Nominations are now open and close on 30th October. 

There are two ways to nominate:

  • Film 90-second nomination on your phone, making sure you hold your phone in landscape (turn your phone on its side so the picture is longways like a TV and not upright like a portrait) 
  • If you don’t want to be on camera, you can submit a written nomination in 500 words or less.  

There are three ways you can send in your nomination: 

  • Email your nominations to 
  • Text them to 07912497746 
  • Send them on Whatsapp to 07912497746 

In your message, make sure you state the name of the person you’re nominating, the award you’re nominating them for and the reasons why you’ve chosen them.