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Paul’s Making Days Story

Paul* gets support from the Making Days team five days a week. Because Paul has some behavioural issues, one to one support works best for him. Although supporting Paul can be tricky, he is a real favourite with the team and staff are always eager to work with him.

Recently, Paul had been living in an elderly person’s home, whilst the perfect supported living home was being picked out for him. Paul was waiting (very patiently) for eight months for his new place.

Last month, his big move was confirmed! Paul was delighted, but a little stressed out by the idea of moving. The Making Days team were able to give him a lot of support to help with the move. A transition plan was put in place, to make things as simple as possible for Paul. A team member met Paul at his welcome party to the new home. This helped him feel secure and happy in his new space. The team also got the new staff clued-up on, not only, the really important information about Paul’s support needs and his routines but also what makes him tick.

One of the team worked with his family members to make sure that his bedroom was arranged as he likes it. The team member also followed him home in her car on his first proper day at the new address and stayed for half an hour to help him get used to his new surroundings. This really put Paul and his family at ease; in fact Paul’s sister rang up to say a massive thank you to the team for going the extra mile.

By working with Paul, his family, his social worker and the manager of the new home, our team made his move easy-breezy. Paul is now very happy indeed in his new home.

Joanne’s Making Days story

Joanne* needs a bit of extra support because of her complex needs. She has been getting one to one support from the Making Days team, three days a week for some time now.

Over the last twelve months, Joanne* has unfortunately had some problems at home; this has meant she has needed some periods of emergency respite.

All the moving to and from home and emergency respite has been really traumatic for Joanne. In the past, these problems weren’t getting shared across all the agencies that look after her. Making Days have played a big part in meetings across all of these agencies, to make sure Joanne gets all the support she needs. The team effort from Making Days has meant that news is shared a little better and that Joanne never misses any important appointments. Joanne’s social worker emailed Making days to thank the team for being so on the ball.

The better communication across all the agencies, has helped Joanne get more steady support. Joanne has been better able to cope with a situation that she doesn’t fully understand. Her family is also reassured that staff, she knows are helping her and making sure all her issues are shared and sorted out.

On top of this, Making days have also been able to work more on setting up a one to one group activity for Joanne that she really enjoys.

We are really proud of what the team have achieved for Joanne in bringing some calm into her life.

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