Upbeat Liverpool

Our new mental health and wellbeing website

Introducing Upbeat Liverpool, the new mental health and wellbeing online resource built by our Wellbeing Centres in collaboration with Liverpool City Council.

How did Upbeat Liverpool start?

During lockdown and a time when people with mental health challenges increasingly relied on online support options; our Wellbeing Centre team and the people we support recognised a big opportunity to extend and enhance our digital capabilities to support more and more people.

Thanks to our steering group of people with first-hand experience of mental health challenges and our super-duper staff, we’ve created Upbeat Liverpool. Over lots of online sessions we built a brand together, decided what functionality the site needed to have, mapped what it looked like and made it as supportive and accessible as possible.

Online mental health support

The site features blogs to support people to manage their mental health and wellbeing. These blogs come from our staff, partner agencies and by people who have previously accessed the Wellbeing Centre service and now feel ready to support others too. Managing your mental health is really personal to you, so Upbeat offers lots of different options to support you. You can pick and choose the mental health resources that fit you. Upbeat could support you to:

​This includes:

  • relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises;

  • ways to look after your physical health and fitness and feel more mentally well in the process;

  • courses exploring your emotions and how to channel them more positively; and

  • creative and expressive activities like singing, painting, poetry, photography, arts and crafts and so much more.


Join our Upbeat forum and live mental health and wellbeing sessions

You can also register to take part in live sessions to support more positive mental health and wellbeing and join our Upbeat forum mental health and wellbeing discussions. If you’re interested fill out your details on the contact page. One of our team will then be in touch.

Mental health resources that work for you

We’d like our mental health and wellbeing resources to grow  based on what works best for you and your mind. So please keep us updated on the best approaches to mindfulness and more positive wellbeing, the mental health approaches you’re interested in and the hobbies and activities that interest you in general. You can contact us and share your ideas by clicking here.

Upbeat Liverpool is open to anyone who may need some support with their mental health and wellbeing.

Go take a look and let us know what you think: www.upbeatliverpool.com.