Care for a Change Campaign

Each year we recruit dozens of Shared Lives carers across the UK and in 2013 we decided to turn this into a national campaign to increase effectiveness and improve consistency across our teams.

Recruiting Shared Lives carers is no small job; in fact it requires a lot of investment in terms of time, energy and ultimately creativity. As recruiters we’re wanting people to look at their own values base and what they want from life and asking them to support someone else in their own home.

Whether a Shared Lives carer  provides full-time , short breaks or day support we need to make sure that we are recruiting the right people who want to do this job for the right reasons.

In late 2012 we worked with a number of our Shared Lives carers to assess what motivated them to become a carer in the first place and to tell us what they thought the key benefits were to encourage others to get involved. This piece of work gave us four key principles each of which varied as being the most important for the carers we worked with. The first of these is to ‘feel valued’, the second ‘meet new people and make friends’, the third ‘to work from home’ and last but by no means least ‘to earn a living’.

With the group of carers we came up with the concept of ‘Care for a Change’; doing a job that matters and caring about it. The key difference for a number of our carers compared to previous jobs was this was one that was worth giving everything to because it has huge value and, in the same way our carers care for people using the service, the PSS team care for them.

Care for a Change now runs across the country across a variety of mediums. It was in 2014 extended to a full carer’s recruitment pack. This is made up of the following elements which can be downloaded using the links below:

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