Head of Service – Home & Communities

Job Ref:HSHC0720
Salary:£45,000 per annum

Head of Service – Home & Communities
Job ref:
Location: Eleanor Rathbone House, Unit 16, 24 Derby Road, Liverpool, L5 9PR
Hours: 37 per week
Contract type: Permanent
Salary: £45,000 per annum

If you were being supported by one of our fab team, how would you like us to support you?

Would you want a choice about what you do? Would you want us to remember what’s important to you? Would you want to learn new things, meet new people?  Would you want us to listen? Would you fancy helping us design a brilliant plan for you? Would you want to feel and know your decisions are respected?

We think the answer to all of those questions is probably yes. And we think you’ll agree, that if all services were run like that, completely co-produced, the support people got across the board would be top-notch.

Well the good news is, that’s exactly what we want to do with our Homes and Communities services at PSS. And we need a new head of Homes and Communities with oodles of experience in managing health and social care services, financial planning and brilliant people skills (amongst other things) to help us do it.

Our Homes and Communities services support people to have happy, safe homes and to be part of their communities. They’re some of the shiniest jewels in the PSS crown and they’re loved and leaned upon by many a person across Merseyside. Our Homes and Communities services are made up of Making Days, Community Support and Supported Living.

We’re so proud of what these services can bring to the lives of the people we support – and as our head of Homes and Communities, it’ll be your job to make sure the people we support get a best-there-is service every time. As we see it, only the people who we support know what it’s like to be in their shoes – and we should be listening, learning and acting on what each person tells us. Our world revolves around those who use our services, and you’ll be empowering them to make decisions about the future of their support: what they want, what they don’t want and what’s most important to them.

Never settling for the status quo, we’re looking for someone with lots of get-up-and-go, who can put their commercial hat on and keep an eye out for opportunities to take our services to the next level: to partner up with other organisations, to come up with new ways we can support people and to help PSS tender for exciting new work in your area. We want to make wise decisions now that keep us around for future generations, so it’s important you’ve got that ability to sustain our services, keeping them growing and developing.

At PSS it’s not just about your skills and experience, it’s also about the person you are, too. We’re looking for someone with a giant, great big heart; someone who will always look out for their team and the people we support with kindness and warmth, and who also has the self-compassion to look after themselves, too (after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup – this role is challenging). We want someone genuine, someone who is open-minded and creative, someone determined and someone who is super professional. We like to have a good laugh here, so it’s also important you don’t take yourself too seriously, and if it comes to it (which it has, many, many times before), that you’re willing to put on a wig and pretend to be a Spice Girl/John Lennon/Elvis/Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic (evidence here).

A motivational, spirited and compassionate leader who will head up a team of brilliant service managers, you’ll use your social care expertise, experience of running stand-out services to transform our Homes and Communities services to be even better than they are now. And, if you’re doing it right, the people you support will transform you for the better, too.

Closing date: 5th August 2020
Interview date: TBC

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