Head of quality

Head of quality 
Job ref: HQC0319
Location: PSS, Eleanor Rathbone House, 24 Derby Road, Liverpool, L5 9PR
Salary: £37,546 per annum
Hours: 37 per week

At PSS the quality of our work is a big deal – and for good reason; the people who use our services deserve nothing less than the best. That’s why we’re looking for a new top-notch head of quality to join us and keep a close eye on exactly how we’re doing all year round, even when our regulators are at home with their feet up and their fluffy slippers on.

As our new determined, open-minded, professional, genuine and big-hearted head of quality (yep – you’ll need to be all those things), you’ll have two main areas of responsibility. A big chunk of the role relates to the quality of what we do; the other relates to the governance of PSS as a charity and as a company.

To keep us on track, you’ll work with our fabulous (and also new) director of operations to continuously develop systems and processes that monitor the quality of the services we provide closely, and from every angle. It’ll be your job to keep on top of these systems and processes, making sure they’re constantly pushing us towards brilliance.

But how do we know what a quality service is, we hear you cry. Well, to make sure we know what quality looks like, we consult the experts, the most important people at PSS: the people who are use our services. You’ll use our monitoring processes (and develop new ones) to stay connected to their needs, likes and dislikes, then respond to them in a flexible way. And, since you’ll have a fantastic appreciation of the difference we’re making in real terms, you’ll lead on impact reporting so we can show tell the world about it. And if we ever have any upheld complaints or safeguarding incidents, you’ll be there to figure out exactly what went wrong – and how we can learn from it.

PSS is charity but it’s also a big-hearted business. We’ve a number of bodies that regulate our business: like Companies House, the Charity Commission; the social care regulators from England and Wales (like the Care Quality Commission, for example); and the government in the Isle of Man. No sweat, right? It’ll be up to you and your team to make sure that there are systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure that PSS is doing what it should.

You’ll head up a small but mighty team: a quality business partner, an executive business partner and our quality co-ordinator. These people are good. Their attention to detail is second-to-none, and the team’s known within PSS for its efficiency, its on-the-nose accuracy and its cracking sense of humour. All the things you need to make sure we’re aiming to be the best in the west (and the east, north and south, just to be clear).

And if all that hasn’t convinced you, here’s John, who currently works as our head of quality, to tell you a bit more about the role:


Key dates

  • Closing date – 25th March 2019
  • Interviews – 2nd/3rd April 2019

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