PSS Shared Lives

Shared Lives carer guidance

About Shared Lives

01 Index and Contents

02 Introduction

03 Defining Shared Lives

04 CQC England Mapping Standards to Guidance


Process for Shared Lives arrangement 

01 Referral to the SL Scheme

02 Assessment of Needs

03 The Matching Process

04 Urgent and Emergency Placements

05 Arrangement Agreement

06 Arrangement Agreement Form

07 License Agreement

08 Individuals Plan and Monitoring and Review of Arrangement

09 Individuals Plan

10 Shared Lives Scheme Guide

11 PSS Wales Statement of Purpose June 16

12 Transition and Mixed Arrangements 

13 Intergenerational Practice for Shared Lives

14 Calculating Basic Pay for SL Carers

15 Payments for Long Term SL Carers

16 Funding Profile of Support

17 Payment Banding Shared Lives Arrangement

18 Workload Analysis for Schemes

19 Managing Transport Costs

20 Dispute Protocols SL Plus

21 Protocols for Sharing SL Carers Between Schemes

22 Who Pays for What

23 Personal Budgets and Direct Payments in SL


Supporting people in daily life

01 Communication Choice and Decisions

02 Family Friends Culture and Community

03 Safe Friendships and Relationships 

04 Personal Care

05 Intermediate Care and Reablement

06 Staying Healthy

07 Responding Positively to People whose Behaviours may Challenge Services

08 Restriction or Deprivation of Liberty

09 Dealing with Emergencies and Crises

10 Palliative or End of Life Care, Death or Dying

11 Key Holding

12 Missing People


Health and safety 

01 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

02 Risk Assessment and Risk Management 

03 Safe Working Practices and Moving Handling

04 Accidents Dangerous Occurrences and First Aid

05 Fire Safety Code of Practice England and Wales

06 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

07 Hygiene and Infection Control

08 Medication Record

09 Food Safety Nutrition and Hydration

10 Lone Workers

11 The Landlord Status of Shared Lives Carers



01 Safeguarding Against Abuse and Neglect

02 Allegation of Abuse against a SL Carer

03 Safe Management of People’s Financial Affairs

04 Harassment and Bullying


Best practise in Shared Lives schemes

01 Equality and Diversity

02 Standards of Conduct and Practice

03 Complaints and Concerns 

04 Confidentiality

05 Quality Assurance

06 Consultation and Participation in Running the Scheme

07 Record Keeping, File Access, Info Sharing

08 Smoking Alcohol and Drugs


Recruitment, assessment and review of Shared Lives carers and Shared Lives workers 

7 Shared Lives Panel



01 Appointees and Other Options for Managing Money Using Shared Lives

02 Banking for People in Shared Lives

03 Financial Abuse – Guidance for Shared Lives Schemes and Shared Lives Carers

04 Financial Guidance – Resources List 2019

05 Financial Recording Guidance for Shared Lives schemes and Shared Lives Carers

06 Welfare Benefits Guidance