As someone experiencing domestic abuse (Ruby@Turnaround)

If you’re a woman in Liverpool, St Helens, Knowsley or Sefton experiencing domestic abuse, has experienced domestic abuse in the past, or you feel at risk of domestic abuse, we can support you.

How can we help?

We’re here to help prevent harm to you and your children. We’ll support you to make positive choices that are right for you.

We’ll support you to recognise the signs of escalating behaviours, give you practical techniques to keep you and your children safe and help you feel strong enough to lead an independent, safer life. We’ll also give you one-to-one counselling, to help you cope with what’s happening.

We’ll support you:

  • if there’s a crisis and you need advice;
  • at any appointments you have;
  • if you need support speaking up (advocacy);
  • through the criminal justice system;
  • with any court proceedings;
  • to find emergency accommodation;
  • with civil or family matters; and
  • with your wellbeing.

We’ll be here for you as long as you need us to be.

Where are you based?

We’ll support you at our Women’s Turnaround Centre PSS head office in the Sandhills area of Liverpool. This centre is run entirely by women and is a women-only part of the PSS building.

How can I be referred to Ruby@Turnaround?

Give us a call: 0151 702 5555.




Service reviews

"Thanks to this project I have now begun to live my life again"

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