As a new or expectant parent (Parent and Baby Wellness)

Parent and Baby Wellness

If you’re a parent or parent-to-be in Merseyside who would like some support with your emotional wellbeing, we can help.

What is the Parent and Baby Wellness Service?

Having a baby can be a time of great joy, but it can also be a difficult and sometimes distressing time, too. Some parents and parents-to-be can experience difficult feelings and emotions.

Do you:

  • find it hard to believe that you’re pregnant;
  • feel anxious, tearful or low in mood;
  • feel distant from your baby; and/or
  • have difficulty getting on with your baby?

People can experience difficult feelings for a whole range of reasons, each personal to who you are and your experiences. Some typical reasons why people experience difficulties are:

  • Being isolated
  • Having had a challenging childhood
  • Previous difficulties during pregnancy, birth or parenting
  • A history of anxiety or depression

Our Parent and Baby Wellness Service can help you have the best relationship you can with your baby, supporting you to grow your relationship and keep it good through infancy and toddlerhood.

How do we help?

We can help from the start of pregnancy right up until a child is two years old. We also offer a specialist service to support people suffering from postnatal depression, working with you by listening and helping you learn to relax, rebuild your confidence and stay well.

Usually, your relationship between you and your baby will settle down, but sometimes it doesn’t – and that’s when we can help. If you get a feeling that things aren’t right, don’t go it alone – we’re here to offer support. We’ll give you support and therapies that are designed to suit you and your family, either on a one-to-one basis with you, your family or in a group environment.

Most of the work we do is with you and your baby (or babies). We also work alongside other professionals who support families with babies, like midwives, health visitors, Children’s Centres, GPs and others, to help you be more comfortable with your bump or baby. Where will my appointments take place? Your appointments may be in your home or a local Children’s Centre.

Where do I start?

If you think our Parent and Baby Wellness Service could help you:

  • give us a call for a chat. We’ll talk you through how we can help and you’ll have no obligation to start using our services; or
  • talk to your midwife, health visitor, Children’s Centre or GP about them referring you to our service.

Get in touch

Call: 0151 702 5533 / 5558

Service reviews

'PSS has helped me more than I could have every imagined. It’s been amazing to meet other mums going through similar things at the groups. Every day I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to being me again.'
- Claire, Liverpool

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