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Young Carers

Our service provides support for children and young people aged 5 to 17 whose day to day lives are affected by caring for a family member who has a disability, chronic illness, mental ill health or problematic use of drugs and/or alcohol.

The experience of these young people can vary widely, from activities that disrupt their ability to have an ordinary childhood to them taking on extraordinary roles and responsibilities that would usually be undertaken by an adult.

Our support service provides young people with information about supporting their family member, a place for them to talk to other young carers, help with school life, hobbies and even guidance when applying for jobs. We know that it is important that these young people share their stories and seek advice on different areas of their life. We also think it’s vital that they have some time to enjoy themselves, have fun and just be young. We therefore run residential breaks wherever possible.

We also work closely with other agencies and services to raise awareness about the needs of Young Carers and to highlight the impact that caring can have on their development and life chances. By promoting the identification of Young Carers and supporting them, we help to ensure that these young people and their families are supported in planning for their futures as well as being signposted to other services that can help them.

What we believe

We believe young carers should have the chances that other young people take for granted, these might include:

  • Having time off from caring
  • Being given the choice not to be a carer
  • Getting the chance to enjoy the experience of growing up and do it in their own time
  • Enjoying time out with friends
  • Having some ‘me’ time
  • Talking to others about how they feel
  • Taking time to rest and enjoy themselves
  • Having time to complete school work
  • Getting together plans for their future
  • Having someone care for them

How do I access the service?

Whether you know of someone who identifies themselves as a young carer, or have come across someone who is unrecognised for what they’re doing, please contact us to find out more information about the support we can provide. Just use the details to the right and we can talk through what we do and how we can help. or you use our Referral form

Service Reviews

"PSS supported my boys in their role caring for their father. As well as supporting the boys emotionally, Young Carers also helps them relax and have fun. The street dance classes give them an important break and a chance to speak to PSS staff if they need to."

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