Spinning World

Psychological therapy for refugees and asylum seekers

In our Spinning World service, we work with refugees and asylum seekers who have either directly experienced or witnessed human rights abuses. We work with people who have just arrived in the UK and people who have been in the UK for a little while.

Our highly-skilled team of specialist psychological therapists provide free, confidential support to people who have experienced trauma of varying levels of severity. We provide our services in a safe, calm environment where people can feel relaxed and able to speak freely, without judgement.

We have four specific services:

  • Spinning World (CAMHS): for young people who are asylum seekers, migrants and/or speak English as a second language (Liverpool-based).
  • UC24 Crisis Service: for newly-arrived asylum seekers, providing up to three sessions of counselling (Liverpool-based).
  • Spinning World ALW (NHS): based in Ashton, Leigh and Wigan, this service supports migrants and refugees with complex trauma.

Counselling for those who aren’t familiar with English

If the person we’re working with isn’t familiar with English, we work with a number of trusted and fully-trained interpreters who, like our therapists, ensure that what they hear is kept confidential.

The benefits of our Spinning World service

  • Our psychological therapists are highly-trained and experienced in providing specialist support to people who have experienced trauma.
  • We can provide a specialist service for people with urgent needs.
  • Therapy is always strictly confidential.
  • Each person we meet is treated as an individual with their own needs.
  • We can provide a specially-trained interpreter where English is not a familiar language to the person we’re supporting.

Making a referral to Spinning World

Spinning World referral form

This service is available for children and young people under the age of 25 only. Fill in the form electronically and return it to spinningworld@pss.org.uk

Ashton Leigh Wigan referral form

This service is for asylum seekers and migrant communities living in the Ashton. Wigan and Leigh areas. Fill in the form electronically and return it to ashtonleighwigan@pss.org.uk